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Computer education in Eshowe, Zululand

By |  Apr 17, 1999  | zululand, eshowe
Folks, This week I went to see Andre Basel, who is the computer science teacher at Eshowe High school and the local computer ‘fundi’. We installed Linux on one of his classroom computers, and discussed what his goals were in computer education. He also put me in touch with Eshowe college of education, a teacher training college here, which has a room full of computers, largely under-used, without a network. I asked them over to the High School, but only succeeded in scaring them about Linux.
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Schools, zululand

By |  May 29, 1997  | zululand, eshowe, education
Folks, Yesterday I went to a ’turning of the sod’ for a new High school here in Eshowe, which will be paid for by a number of Spanish NGOs (non-government organisation) and managed by the Eshowe Christian Action group. The ceremony was at a nearby primary school, and included some good zulu dancing by the kids. Today there was an opening of the first skills centre / technical college in zululand, which cost R2.
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