Wizzy consulting is where Andy Rabagliati hangs out. Assorted free software can be found on my FTP site - poorly organised ..

Africa Telecommunications

A scheme where telephone wire is replaced by Appropriate technology - sneakernet.


My pages on ispy, mtest, the transputer network mapping tool, my transputer disassembler, and other transputer links can be found on my Transputer page

Sendmail goodies

I have written a few scripts, but mainly assembled other fine packages out on the net to perform delivery of mail to a domain from a dial-up account. Check out Instructions here.


I modified mrolo-1.3 (by gregg hanna) to take a more generic database file. I also added a perl script to select and print entries from the file. I updated it to call it mrolo-1.4.

From the original README :-

*Rolo is a set of card file database programs designed to be simple yet robust, and was born out of frustration with xrolo's and xrolodex's many menus. The main program is mrolo, the Motif based card file program, and there is also crolo, the curses based equivalent.


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